Birmingham COA

The Newest and Hottest Youth Dance Program in Birmingham

Marquell Seals Co-Owner


Marquell has been coaching cheer and dance for over 14 years. He’s coached in the youth, High School, and All-Star arenas. He is known for his tough-love style coaching, his big smile, and creating a positive atmosphere for all. He has traveled the world as a judge, choreographer, and performer but decided it was time to put down roots and build a place where he could influence the youth to go after their dreams.
Fun Fact: Marquell hopes to continue his legacy as a High School principal!

Tracy Hamilton Co-Owner


Tracy grew up as an avid competitive dancer and transitioned to cheerleading in Middle School through High School. She has been mentoring and coaching young cheer and dance athletes for over 15 years, including her own three children, where she met and partnered with Marquell. Tracy is the nurturer of the bunch and has a fierce and tough coaching style, all while instilling valuable life lessons into the youth she serves. She believes that ability doesn’t define a child and makes sure that every child involved in COA feels loved, included, and valued.
Fun Fact: Tracy’s favorite dance style is Polynesian (Hula and Tahitian), where she successfully competed for many years!


COA Elite is a cheer and dance company founded in Sacramento, CA in 2018. However, it was the tenure and experience Coach Marquell received during his three years as a coach at Dollhouse Dance Factory that cemented his love for THE SOUTH.

We are proud to OFFICIALLY announce our expansion to Birmingham, Alabama. We did a satellite team during the 2020-21 competition season to test the waters by attending competitions in Las Vegas, Cincinnati, and Nashville where our dancers KILLED IT! These hardworking athletes practiced via Zoom and didn’t miss a beat! Now we are ready to launch FULL THROTTLE.

The COA Brand is one of professionalism and excellence. We pour our hearts and souls into our athletes and take their training seriously. Beyond the high-energy entertainment value of what we see on TV and social media, it is important to understand the skill that goes into executing entertaining and jaw-dropping routines. COA dancers must cross-train in hip-hop, jazz, ballet, and Afro-Caribbean dance styles just to name a few; not to mention the level of technique, flexibility, strength, and conditioning training they must do as well.

It is important to note that at COA we are more than just DANCE. We are all about the life lessons that come from the journey and that shape every athlete that comes through our doors into tomorrow’s adult.



Diamonds and Onyx

(Junior Team 8-13 yrs) and (Senior Team 14-18 yrs)
Practice 2-3 days/week for 2-3 hours.
These age groups will train at a highly competitive level getting ready for the REAL WORLD OF DANCE! High School age athletes get prepared for a taste of HBCU style of dance.

Company Dance Teams

(Junior Team 8-13 yrs) and (Senior Team 14-18 yrs)
Practice 2-3 days/week for 2-3 hours.
Company Dance Teams compete outside of the majorette arena in Hip-Hop, Lyrical/Contemporary, Variety, and Open Categories at various studio-style dance competitions.